Jeff Smedsrud
2023 Kampe Award

The Don Kampe Lifetime Achievement Award is the highest honor awarded by the Inter-Company Marketing Group. The award was established in 2001 to recognize members who have made significant, ongoing contributions of time and resources for the benefit of ICMG. The award was named in honor of Don Kampe, who served on our first board of directors, was president for two terms, and continued to be active in board and committee work for 24 years.

Jeff has been an ICMG member since 2005. He was President of Insurance at HealthCare Insurance Services, co-founder of, and CEO & founder of Pivot Health.

He was a long-time Gold Sponsor of the ICMG conference and has also been an exhibitor and speaker at past conferences. His companies continue to sponsor the ICMG conference. In addition, he encouraged his employees to not only attend the conference, but to be actively involved.

Jeff’s support of the insurance industry extends beyond his commitment to ICMG. He is recognized as a leading expert advisor on how consumers can become empowered when shopping for health care plans. He has built and grown health insurance marketing and business companies for over 30 years and served as a health care reform advocate for much of his career. He has provided expert testimony on health care issues before national and state committees and is frequently quoted by the national media as an expert on individual health plans. He was the founder of the National Association of State Comprehensive Health Plans (NASCHIP) and helped create and sponsor state-based programs in 35 states to assist those denied health insurance for medical reasons.

Jeff served on many non-profit healthcare boards, including the Coalition of Affordable Health Coverage and RIP Medical. A member of Seven Continents Club, Jeff is an active runner and one of only 200 individuals to run a marathon on all seven continents. Jeff is also a cancer survivor, charity activist and motivational speaker.

Congratulations Jeff on a much-deserved award!