Insurance companies & fraternal organizations make up approximately 40% of the ICMG membership. ICMG membership offers tremendous value for carriers and fraternal organizations year-round. It's the best forum for developing personal business relationships and enhancing existing contacts with carriers, marketing organizations and others.

Member Profiles

  • Year-round tools to identify and access decision makers at carriers, insurance marketing organizations and relevant vendors
  • Searchable by product categories, company types, keywords, titles and more

Reach your target audience all year long

  • New members have access to your profile year-round
  • ICMG is an effective calling card; a foot in the door when you call another member

Informative Newsletter

  • Free classified ads promote your message or opportunity
  • Find out about new members
  • Read profiles of actual deals

"Best in Class" Annual Conference

  • The more you go, the more you know
  • Value increases at each Annual Conference (a deal can take time)
  • Exposure, visibility, closure
  • High ratings/reviews cite how unique and effective ICMG is
  • A dozen business trips rolled into one, saving time and money
  • It is ALL about networking